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People that suffered from oral thrush:

“I couldn’t believe how bad my thrush problem was. Just one beer and I would be suffering the next day. With your help I’ve gotten my issue under control. I pleased to say that I can again enjoy my favorite beverage once in a while.” – Luther Justice, Salt Lake City, UT

“My doctor gave me numerous doses of prescription antifungus type medicines and they would work for a couple weeks and then suddenly lose their effectiveness. I’ve been using your product for the last four months and it has been several weeks since I last had a problem.” – Christine Hinkle, Las Vegas, NV

“Things are going great, my white tongue is gone. The girls at work are watching my like a hawk, so if works for me, they will be ordering, and they have seen the prob with my tongue disappear, so they are impressed.” – Amy Brown, Denver, CO

People that suffered from digestive problems:

“White bread and other refined carbs would cause my stomach to literally grow in size from the bloating, and it has been that way for years. I’m pleased to say that your product has allowed me to eat more normally without the discomfort of bloating.” – Cathy Stalcup, Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve suffered with acid reflux for many years. About one day a week I would wake up in the middle of the night with my throat burning to the point of making my eyes water. After taking your product my problem has been cut by 90%. And the best part is that I feel better overall too!” – Allison Mackey, Austin, TX

People that suffered from vaginal yeast infections:

“My yeast infections would come on like clockwork. The itch, the smell, the embarrassment. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so grateful I found your website. It took a little time but I found the relief I’ve been searching for.” – Lisa Booth, Nashville, TN

“My yeast infections were ruining my sex life. After taking your product my issues were cut by ¾ after about 60 days. Thanks!” – Joan Lynch, Oklahoma City, OK

People that suffered from fatigue:

“I could sleep for 10 hours and still wake up tired. No longer though! Not with your help!” –Karen Galvin, Pittsburgh, PA

People that suffered from clouded thinking:

“Honest to God I always thought I was ADD but after taking your product the last couple months it now seems that candida yeast were doing a number on me!” – Gary Voss, Santa Barbara, CA

People that skin rashes:

“Our granddaughter suffered for 8 years (since she was born) with dry, itchy, dead skin behind her ears and on her arms. She was seen by a list of doctors and specialists longer than your arm and not one could give her long-term help. After a few weeks on your product and her skin is 80% better! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.” –Pauline Prescott, Mobile, AL

People that suffered from nail fungus:

“My father suffered with extreme nail fungus for almost 5 decades and within 6 weeks we started seeing new and undamaged nail come out from his cuticle! My mother was so excited that she wanted me to come over and take a photo!” – Elizabeth Kramer, St. Paul, MN

People that suffered from food allergies:

“Milk, wheat, it did not matter. It seemed there were more things I could not eat than what I could. After a few weeks I started ‘testing’ my limits and low and behold I found that I could start eating those things I have been avoiding for the last several years. Thank you so very much!” – Michael Johnson, Cleveland, OH

People that suffered from jock/anal itch:

“I thought my wife was going to kill me with the constant scratching all night long. The jock itch was driving me insane! I tried all sorts of creams and some made the skin in that area so thin that I would cause myself to bleed almost nightly. With your help my itch is now a thing of the past.” - Richard Kroll, Miami, FL

“Having your rectum constantly itch is not only embarrassing but it is a constant distraction. Work, home, church, it didn’t matter. A friend suggested your product and after taking it for the past three months I consider it a true blessing— thank you!” - Linda Williams, Phoenix, AZ

People that suffered from sinus problems:

“Every winter (until now) I would suffer with 3-4 sinus infections. Everyday I was taking 4 to 5 sinus tablets. After I started with your product last fall my winter was sinus-infection free! I took maybe 6 sinus tablets a month. You sure sell a great product!” - Shaun Phillips, Chicago, IL